EKF Diagnostics Plc

Global Life Sciences Brand

Tasked with the digital transformation of all Global websites of EKF Holdings Plc, a multinational life sciences company, keen to adopt a data driven design ethos with its digital footprint.


Data from existing website was analysed to highlight problems, a user research group was set up and a clear strategy to define pain points, goals and KPI’s was created, a heuristic review, competitor analysis and card sorting workshop run with users to define the Information Architecture


The top journeys were gathered from Google Analytics and reframed with a new set of user flows, cross referencing findings from the discovery stage and a set of User Personas was created and propagated within the company.


I created low fidelity wireframes using Axure, these were then user tested and iterated on further until we had defined the optimum navigation and categorisation structure.

A set of high fidelity prototypes were created and a 3rd party agency was tasked with further testing using eye tracking and heat mapping.


All final designs were fully annotated for dev and a simple bootstrap prototype was created as much for testing and handover but also a training exercise for the internal designers, out of which a full UI kit was built and kept online as a repository.

The build of the site was taken on by a design agency and I then proceeded to take a more prominent project management role, A/B testing and the creation KPI’s in business and in GA. From this I went on to design and build a support site, websites for the German and US arm of the business and a suite of landing pages for their key products.

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