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Tasked with redesigning the entire end to end journey of their bespoke software solution that facilitates efficiency in cell and gene therapy development by providing a platform by which program-critical information can be collated, tracked, and documented.


Facilitating UX workshops to gather information about the users, product, goals and problems. Workshops included a Heuristic review with a cross functional stakeholder group, card sorting and a user persona session from which 4 proto personas were created.

A full view of the problems the users and the business were encountering was discovered and a problem statemnent written mainly around information architecture, core navigation and aesthetic usability.


I defined 4 epic journeys around Add, Edit, View and Confirm, adding to this the proto personas that were created, I started planning out key journey flows, from this I defined 8 user flow diagrams and shared amongst the business, this gave particular insight to the dev team building the logic in the system.

I also placed in these journeys in key areas with the user personas and encouraged discussion amongst the business.


I created low fidelity UX wireframes using Axure around navigation, defining the Information Architecture and introducing a responsive framework approach, we iterated twice on these based on stakeholder feedback and development/business constraints.

I then created high fidelity UI designs using sketch, with interactive prototyping built using Craft and InVision then shared with stakeholders for review and iteration.


I defined a new process based on an efficient and collaborative handover between UX and Dev, using Sympli as a end point for all UI designs.

This enabled the dev team to take all styling assets, CSS, colors, fonts, padding and margins etc. direct from the designs, building efficiency and increasing overall velocity of the team.

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